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Jessica Paulin Live Music For Public and Private Events, Celebrations, Weddings, Funerals

2024 Live Music Schedule 

Jan 05     Harvest Gap Brewery    5-8pm
Jan 19    Old 690 Brewing Company   5:30-8:30pm
Jan 26    Solace Brewing Co    6-9pm
Feb 09    Harvest Gap Brewery    5-8pm
Feb 17    Notaviva    3-6pm
Mar 08    Harvest Gap Brewery    5-8pm
Mar 29   Willowcroft Farm Vineyards   5:30-8pm
Apr  06    Otium Cellars    1-4pm
Apr 13    Notaviva Craft Fermentations 3-6pm 
Apr 14    Flying Ace Farm    2-5pm   
May 04    Notaviva Craft Fermentations  3-6pm
May 11    Bozzo    2-5pm
May 18    Lovettsville Mayfest    11:30a-12:30p
May 27    Otium Cellars    1-4pm
Jun 08    Notaviva Craft Fermentations  3-6pm
Jun 29    Two Twisted Posts Winery     2-5pm
Aug 03    Notaviva Craft Fermentations   3-6pm
Aug 24    Great Country Farms    12-4pm  
Aug 25    Bozzo Family Vineyards   2-5pm
Aug  31    Great Country Farms    12-4pm
Sep 01   Great Country Farms    12-4pm
Sep 02    Otium Cellars     1-4pm
Sep 22    Great Country Farms    12-4pm
Sep 22    Bluemont Fair    4pm
Sep 29    Great Country Farms    12-4pm
Oct 05    Bozzo Family Vineyards    2-5pm
Oct 06    Great Country Farms   12-4pm 
Oct 12    Great Country Farms    12-4pm 
Oct 19    Great Country Farms    12-4pm 
Oct 20    Great Country Farms    12-4pm 
Oct 26    Notaviva    3-6pm
Nov 09    Two Twisted Posts   2-5pm

 Live Music For Any Occasion-

 Wedding and Funeral Soloist for over 30 years-   

Live Music - 3-4 hr sets of Mixed Genre  songs people know and dig with some requests and fun suprises! 

Rockin' Christmas and Holiday Sets! 

With a soulful voice and a little red piano, Jessica Paulin covers a huge variety of well-loved hits from the 1960s-Today.


Jes Jams in action. 


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